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Chasing Alignment is a wellness podcast for women that focuses on creating alignment in our mental, emotional, and physical being. Josey and Alexa shatter the glass on the conversations you’re too nervous to have or simply don’t know where to begin. Chasing Alignment is a podcast in which we share what’s on our hearts, when it’s on our hearts. We talk about everything (and yes, we mean everything). From body image, to boundaries, relationships, feelings, life and everything in-between. Every episode is intentional and honest. We have created a safe place for all women to be honored and supported through our messy conversations and the constant chase for more alignment.



Hey you! Alexa here.


I’m Cleveland made but adventure grown. A full-time feeler, powered by love and hugs. A grief + mental health advocate and the stranger who will be your best friend in 30 seconds.


Outside of the Chasing Alignment Podcast I am a speaker, author, and guide. I focus on radical resilience which is to advocate for your own well being through self-acceptance, presence, and play. 


I wrote not one but two books. If you enjoy self-help meets memoir, then these books are for you! They are filled to the bind with heart centered stories and lessons from my life to yours. My first book, Livin’ The Dream Today Because Tomorrow Is Not Promised, was written as a coping mechanism after I lost my dad. Grief struck, and I wanted to help people feel less alone, more human, and fully alive.. My second book, Your Permission Slip, was written to heal. To accept myself, forgive, and let go with grace. Healing struck, and once again I wanted to help people feel less alone, more human, and fully alive.


Overall, I want women to understand their innate ability to be radically resilient. In doing so, these women will be in the pursuit of peace. They will be able to share their humanness,  honor their being and create a life with more presence. This is an act of self-love. This is liberation.

Hey, Hey!


 I’m Josey–a mom, wife, & multi-passionate soul who thrives on laughter, adventuring and connecting with people. 


I’m a fourth-generation Montanan who grew up in the heart of Central MT on a ranch that was founded in 1909.  My family and I love to spend time exploring the state we call home– hiking & spending days at the lake in the summer, hunting in the fall and snowboarding in the winter. 


I’m very family-oriented person & believes that it is so important to take care of my mind, body & soul so I can show up as the best mother, wife, coach, and friend.


When I’m not recording with my ahmazing co-host, I am an online personal trainer, crossfit coach and event planner. I love entrepreneurship & believing in the possibility that you can bring any big idea to life! In short, you could say I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping women succeed with their business and fitness goals.


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