5 Ways to Boost Your Morning Mood

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Hey, Hey---your two favorite hype girls here. Eager to share 5 tips to boost your morning mood because your day literally depends on it, sis. Move your body: This can be 10 jumping jacks or a run across your neighborhood. Turn on some uplifting music and get that beautiful body movin'

Drink yo drank (with some water): We are huge fans of coffee but if a bloody mary sounds better, grab that vodka and bottoms up! Don't forget to add some water to the mix. This will help with digestion & hydration!

Journal, meditate, read: Try one or all three. Reading, journaling & meditating are all great ways to help set positive intentions for your day.

Put on real clothes: No, you don't have to grab your 6-inch heels or put on a real bra but take of the jammies and brush your hair & teeth! You will feel better, we promise!

Get outside and smell the fresh air: Go see the sun, walk barefoot in the grass, and smell the flowers. Getting outside helps us on so many levels. #forestbreath

This is not a checklist--it's simply our guidance and tips. A few things that may make your mornings just a bit more intentional, more peaceful because we know they have helped outs.

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Sending all the positive vibes your way.


josey + lex

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