7 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Let's dive into 7 simple things we can do each day to increase our productivity.

Let's face it, this year has been challenging when it comes to the motivation game but if you implement these into your daily routine, you will crush your goals and get the most out of each day!

  1. Create a game plan: Plan your day before the day plans you! Make a list of the top 3-5 things you want to accomplish & get after it!

  2. Don’t work from bed: Let's jump out of bed and make it first thing! By making your bed first thing in the AM you have already set yourself up for success!

  3. Get ready for work: Even if you work from home, put on a cute outfit (hey, comfy clothes are cute), brush your teeth & hair, and go crush your to-do list.

  4. Use do not disturb: What a beautiful thing! Turn on do not disturb on your phone & computer so you can give your undivided attention to your game plan.

  5. Set timers & Create a power hour w/ biz besties: Delegate a timeline for your day and follow it. If you have a friend you can set up power hour sessions with, DO IT. They are so beneficial.

  6. Move every hour: Plan to do 10 squats or burpees every hour. This will boost your creativity & you won't be stiff and sore at the end of the day!

  7. Don’t put too much on your plate: Remember those 3-5 tasks you put on your plate for the day? Stick to them! Don't overwhelm yourself with a million things to do. When we do this, it can have the reverse effect & you won't get anything done!

Alright, sister. It's time to buckle down & make some shit happen! If you want to listen to this episode, check out the link below.

Boost Your Productivity, Sis.

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