A Conversation Around Body image

This week we talk about the roller coaster ride that is body image. The way society standards, social media, the people we surround ourselves, and how we talk to our selves whole-heartedly affect our body image.

Josey and Alexa both talk about their up, down, and sideways journeys with body image in their personal lives. From growing up as athletes, being one with your body at all times, and trying to perfect not just our skills but everything about ourselves. While telling their stories they want nothing more than to give others hope and have them know they aren’t alone. The big question is how do we love ourselves? Truly love ourselves.

If something doesn’t fit don’t have shame in buying a bigger size that actually does fit.

If you keep weighing yourself, hide the scale.

If you’re judging yourself and others, start saying something kind every time you say something cruel.

If mirrors have a way of bringing negative energy, limit your time in front of a mirror.

Instead of striving for perfection, we should be striving to love our perfectly imperfect selves. The things that make us unique and beautiful in our own ways.

We hope that by the end of this episode you can face yourself and learn to love yourself.

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