Hard Yet Liberating Truths about Life

Updated: Aug 11

Right now we are all living in a unique time where everyone is experiencing some uncomfortable situations. Several of us are feeling a loss of identity, struggling with job security, family trauma, lack of seeing friends, the list goes on...

So how can we see the light at the end of the tunnel when it feels and looks none existent?

We want to start off by saying that there is always purpose to our pain & this time will eventually end. In other words, we have to find peace in knowing that everything in life is temporary. We wanted to share 5 thoughts for you to ponder when it comes to these liberating truths in life.

The world will never stop poking you

  • Everything happens for a reason even if we never know what that reason is

  • Nothing is going to go as planned, embrace it!

  • There will be good pokes (unexpected love, new opportunities, etc)

  • Take the time to find the silver lining

Hiding your feelings only complicates things

  • Stay true to who you are - if you wear your heart on your sleeve & know that that is your best accessory

  • Show the good feelings and bad, just be who you are when you are that person

  • Maintaining & growing in relationships requires vulnerability

No matter what someone will dislike you

  • Use it to fuel your fire

  • It's a special thing when you can be confident enough in yourself that you can be confident in the fact that you aren't for everyone

You can’t be courageous without doing the scary things

  • Courageous is literally being brave the only way to be brave is to do the thing that you fear anyway


Growth is uncomfortable but necessary

  • Expanding tests you and feels weird but once expanded you find your place again

In conclusion, you don’t have to be positive all the time but know that there will be positivity in the end! To listen to this episode, click the link here: Hard Yet Liberating Truths About Life

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