One Person Can't Be Your Everything

Since we were little we were taught to find the person that completes us. Our other half. Our soul mate. Our best friend. Our one true love. When we want and think that our partner in crime needs to be our EVERYTHING then we’re bound to get disappointed.

No sis, one person can’t be your everything. Sorry to break it to you but that’s a seriously heavy and high expectation to give someone. Instead of finding that one person that checks EVERY box, what if this human didn’t complete you, but shit they enhanced you.

So you should have many…

Have the love of your life.

Have your travel bestie.

Have your mastermind group.

Have your workout partner.

Have your coffee date.

Have your boss babe, biz besties.

Have your book club.

If you expect one person to be your everything you run the risk of bringing resentment into your relationship. You need to decide what is most important from that person, the value that, and understand that they won’t love everything or want to be part of everything. That’s okay, you now have experiences that you will do on your own and allow for some “you” time.

Congratulations honestly.

We want you to know that you don’t need to share everything with everyone. Not everything you do needs to be shared with your partner. Not everything you do needs to be shared with your best friend, your business partner, your therapist. Somethings that are more important to you might not be important to them and that’s okay. It’s important to find support systems from other people and avenues in your life. One person can’t hold all of your weight, it needs to be spread out. Plain and simple.

We will dissect the difference between needing someone and wanting someone and why you don’t need to rely on others and you can fend for yourself. You have to love you first, boo.

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