Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Updated: Aug 11

Do you know that little voice in your head that tends to tell you that you aren't good enough? The feeling where you are constantly second-guessing yourself and not giving yourself the love and respect you deserve? Today we are diving into the topic of imposter syndrome. Where it comes from, how we are our own biggest critic, and how we can overcome it.

If you take nothing else from this post, KNOW that YOU ARE a good enough wife, friend, girlfriend, entrepreneur, athlete, employee. You are doing the best you can on your timeline.

Overcoming imposter syndrome is an active practice where you have to work on self-love, confidence, discipline, and sacrifice.

Here are a few examples of the people/situations we tend to compare ourselves to:

  • It took someone 10 years to become “an overnight success”

  • When you’re thinking about the perfect housewife it’s because they watched how to be that growing up

  • It took a lot of heartbreak and shitty relationships to find that “perfect” one + relationship

  • It took athletes workouts, practices, tryouts, traveling, lifting, sacrifice to be the ‘best”

So, where does imposter syndrome look like?

  • Comparison trap

  • Thinking we aren’t enough

  • That we are not experts

  • That someone else has already done what we are working towards

  • That someone else will do it better

How does it affect us?

  • Not being able to show up genuinely

  • Feeling paralyzed

  • You stop feeling creative

  • You give up

How to move through imposter syndrome to reach your full potential:

  • You have to just start

  • Even when it's hard you gotta do it - you can do hard things and you have to do it the best you can

  • You have to quit comparing yourself to others in your industry

  • You have to understand that it's okay to fail

In conclusion, we want you to know that the world needs to hear your voice! In today's world, ideas aren’t new but the way you show up in unique and 100% needed! Remember, you can sit here - there's enough room for all of us!

To listen to this episode, click here: Imposter Syndrome

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