Proof You’re Doing The Best You Can

Sometimes you just need some solid proof that you're doing the best you can even when it doesn’t feel like it. Do you agree? Don't worry we’ve got you covered friend because you are in fact doing the best you can. There is simply no other way to act, or to be.

Proof that you are doing the best you can on a really hard, during a time that you're filled with sadness, in the midst of grief or healing. However, it is knowing you have survived 100% of your days. Even when you didn’t think you could or even when you didn't want to. You’ve gotten through every struggle up to this point. High five! You have a perfect track record, and we don’t have a perfect track record over anything else. Which means, there is something to be said about that.

That being said, our emotions are only held in our body for about 90 seconds if and only if we actually acknowledge them. If you drown in them or completely ignore them, then yes they can stay much much longer ... and will stay much longer. However, truly everything we experience is temporary. So, think about the last time you cried. Eventually, you did stop. Sure, you may have started again later that day but again, you stopped. Maybe even smiled, maybe even had fun with friends in the meantime. So the proof that you're doing the best you can is in your own personal experiences. Go back to any moment in your life that you didn’t think you would be able to smile again or find relief. Then, remind yourself you found. Maybe sometimes it took awhile to get there but you did find relief. You are your own proof.

Once you can claim the awareness around your okayness you will begin to know that you are truly doing the best you can. That everything we face on a daily basis is challenging and of course some days are just going to be harder than others.

If you want to hear more on this listen to our episode here!

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