The Importance of a Nighttime Routine

Do you have a nighttime routine? I know some of you are like "duh, it's 20 steps and I love every minute of it." Others are shrugging their shoulders and hiding because the thought of another routine makes them cringe. We get it.

The self-care industry at times can make creating another routine feel super overwhelming. Sure, there are endless products or things you can do to wind down but that's exactly the problem sometimes, there are endless products and things to do.

We're here to tell you whether you have a 1 step or 20 step bedtime ritual you will feel better when you wake up in the morning. Just like anything, it's a practice. Which means, you can take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

4 Reasons a Nighttime Routine is Beneficial to Your Being:

1. Gets your body ready to shut down for the night

The best way to do that is get off the screens, stop consuming, and get internal. If you don't communicate with your body that it's time to go to bed it's not going to want to shut down.

2. Creates relaxation

Whether you had the one minute routine or an hour. Sinking into your bed after "pampering" yourself will relax you into that deep sleep.

3. Opens your heart to gratitude

Taking the time to sit in your gratitude and open your heart is such a beautiful blessing of this ritual. How many times have you been go, go, go, and were so freaking tired that you didn't even think about yourself or your day and you just crawled into bed and started snoring instantly? SAME. However, the days I take my time (even if it's just a couple of minutes) to honor my day no matter how good or lesser of the good it was I always find deep gratitude.

Maybe you got stuck in traffic but were able to finish the podcast you were listening to (hopefully it was Chasing Alignment ;) Maybe you killed a presentation for work and haven't had a moment to pat yourself on the back. Maybe this is when you chat with your partner to hear about their day and that brings you joy. See what I mean? Instantly closing your eyes closes your heart to the small victories you possibly experienced throughout the day.

4. Helps you get actual restful sleep

You have to listen to you body friends and pay attention. If you're body is saying "Dang, I'm tired." "I would reeeeally like some more energy these days." "I need some rest." Then, listen! Your body has to have at least half of the active hours in your day. So if you had a 16 hour active day your body needs 8 hours to recover. This allows your body to revive, heal, and fight off anything coming at you (aka sickness and fatigue). Without sleep, burnout will catch up to you.

As you find your nighttime flow find the little rewards in this ritual and the things that fill up your cup. Pushing through the days that you simply don't want to do this routine will reward you in the short and long run.

If you want to be part of the conversation listen to an episode we have about this exact topic here!

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